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C'est en marge de plusieurs formations Punk-Rock ou Stoner noise que BILLY THE KILL entame un virage parallèle en 2006, celui de la configuration solo. Ses grands héros anglo-saxons, loin des pauses arty, font immanquablement mouche avec leurs chansons classiques. BILLY THE KILL creuse ce même sillon avec dextérité, polyvalence et sincérité. Après deux albums respectivement sortis en 2006 chez Nova Express et 2009 chez Kicking Records, un bon accueil presse et plus de 200 dates, Billy poursuit sa route avec "An open book with spelling mistakes". Ce nouvel album rassemble 10 titres de folk indie rock aux consonances power pop et aux accents parfois bluesy, comme si Johnny Cash conduisait les Posies sur la route menant Jacksonville à Seattle. Il vit à Toulouse, Besançon ou Angoulême, rien de fixe pour ce jeune hobo des temps modernes

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Klingenberg was able to testify to seeing Gohl alone with a sailor, Charles Hatberg/Hatteberg, whose body had recently been found in the harbor at Indian Creek February 2, 1910, [7] soon after his disappearance [2] [3] on December 21, 1909. Hatberg had been shot with a .38 Automatic pistol which had been found in the salt flats by his body; the ownership was traced to Gohl. [8] The Motive according to Klingburg confession was that Gohl claimed Hatberg had told a Detective Miller that Gohl had shot a cow a previous summer. [9] Gohl had already been arrested in February 1910 [4] for the Hatberg murder and was convicted of two counts of murder, though suspected of 41 or more, note A [2] [10] found guilty May 12, 1910 [11] and sentenced to life imprisonment [3] and taken to the State Prison June 13, 1910. [12] Besides Hatberg, the second count was for the murder of John Hoffman, [13] a witness to the Hatberg murder who was shot and injured by Gohl on the night of the murder, and killed the next day by Klingenberg, for which he was sentenced to 20 years. [3] [14] (Hoffman had been killed December 23, 1909 after the Hatberg killing and had been robbed of $ [13] [15] and also disposed of in the Harbor near Indian Creek. In July 1910 a human skeleton was found in Indian Creek; however, it is not known whether these were the remains of Hoffman. [16] [17] ) Gohl was later transferred to an asylum for the criminally insane , where he died in 1927. [2] [3] He is buried in an open field above West Medical Lake, Eastern State Hospital [18]

“We left the LX ranch, went by Tascosa and got enough grub to last us to the Pecos,” Jim East later recalled. “We went right up the [Canadian] River past Sperling’s [ranch] where we camped one night, to San Hilario above Fort Bascom and cut across to the Pecos. Charley [Siringo] said, ‘Now, I’ll go on to Las Vegas, buy grub, and you fellows can go straight across to Anton Chico and wait there until I get back. That would save about seventy-five miles driving for us.’” In Cal Polk’s freewheeling account of the trip. Siringo “started on ahead to Las Vegas with the male [mail] carrier to get corn [for the horses]. He told us to go to Antion Cheeko on the Pacos River and there wait until he came with the corn. We went ahead and got there on Sunday [November 27, 1880] at 12 oclock. Just as we all rode up into town the cathlick church broke and the Mexacans coming out of it. They all stoped and gazed at us, and wondered what was the matter. We all had 2 belts full of cartridges a peace around us and was armed to the teeth with six shooters Bowie knives and Winchesters on our saddles.” Polk went on to tell of a close encounter with the Kid:

Billy The Kill - An Open Book With Spelling MistakesBilly The Kill - An Open Book With Spelling MistakesBilly The Kill - An Open Book With Spelling MistakesBilly The Kill - An Open Book With Spelling Mistakes